How do you know if you need marriage counseling in Gainesville FL?

Many relationships are troubled by conflicts and issues that become overwhelming, causing couple’s to seek out assistance from a professional counselor.  Sometimes there are issues of infidelity or other traumatic injuries in which the trust is broken and in need of repair.  Other times, couple’s become distant and isolate themselves from each other and toxic criticism and stonewalling become a common relationship theme.

Negative patterns develop over time and the couple becomes “stuck in a rut”.  Communication breaks down and every conversation can turn into a painful argument pushing the couple further and further apart.  Here at Private Reflections Counseling, our qualified licensed counselor can guide you into renewing and healing bonds through the most effective techniques available today.

Our counselor is trained in Emotion Focused Therapy techniques, which focus on the underlying attachment needs and fears and the underlying negative cycles.  Through recognizing these cycles and working in session on communicating unmet needs and primary fears, relationships that were once dead can come alive again.  This is the most cutting edge and successful type of couple’s counseling.  It is essential when choosing a relationship counselor that you choose a counselor who uses Emotion Focused Therapy.  It is the most successful form of couple’s therapy and there are only a handful of marriage counselors in Gainesville FL that are trained in this type of counseling.