The stigma of receiving counseling for issues such as depression, anxiety, phobias, insomnia, relationship and/or family issues is starting to shrink as more and more individuals and couples seek out individual and couples therapy.  Most people would like to be able to work out their issues on their own and our culture values independence and self-sufficiency.  However, some issues are too large to deal with on our own, and the tide is turning in support of seeking help through therapy.

Individuals and couples who seek out mental health therapy are being recognized as being self-aware, courageous, and strong.  There are many myths or fears about going to a counselor or therapist and some people are not sure that someone else will be able to help.  I often see clients who come into therapy not knowing what to expect, or just looking for a someone to talk to about their issues.  While there is a great deal of support and listening happening in a therapy session, the greatest benefit in the therapeutic relationship is an outside perspective and years of experience with patterns and how to address and break out of them.

A therapist can be your guide to recognize patterns that are getting in the way, and to show you ways to break out of them.

A good therapist listens to you, validates your emotions, respects your beliefs, and makes you feel supported and valued.

A GREAT therapist does all of these things and also assists you in making transitions in your life.

Recognizing ways of thinking or acting that are getting in the way of your goals and gently guiding you out of your stuck patterns and into new patterns that allow you to fully realize your potential.  Our past history including our childhood and our previous relationships, can play a role in how we think and act now.  While much of the current therapy focuses on the here and now, there is value is seeing where we came from and where we are now.

I think it is crucial for me to get an in-depth understanding of each of my clients and where they are coming from, how they think and feel, and what they truly want.  Together, we can work together to change patterns and create new patterns that will last for a lifetime.  I find tremendous satisfaction in helping individuals and couples get out of ruts or negative patterns, and find happiness and success.

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