What is the difference in the types of marriage counseling offered in Gainesville, Florida? Many therapists advertise couples or marriage counseling. Some therapists are Gottman trained and others use EFT or Emotion Focused therapy for couples. What is the difference? EFT or Emotion Focused Therapy takes attachment principles and goes beyond Gottman principles to fully address the root cause of relationship distress and work in session to reduce this distress using evidence based strategies and focused interactions during the session.

A therapist’s knowledge of Gottman or EFT principles is not enough to ensure a successful relationship therapy experience. It is very important to choose a therapist who is skilled in Emotion Focused Therapy for couples and uses it exclusively in their practice. The therapist should receive ongoing continuing education and training in EFT to stay current on interventions and therapeutic techniques. EFT has a 75% success rate. No other form of marriage or couples counseling even comes close.

Only a handful of therapists are fully trained in EFT for marriage and couples counseling in Gainesville, Florida. The therapist at Private Reflections Counseling has beeb trained in EFT and uses Emotion Focused Therapy for couples exclusively. This highly effective evidence based therapy works better than all the other therapies combined! In a few weeks of EFT, couples can start feeling less distress, communication feels warm and connected, and conflict resolution improves dramatically. It is amazing to see the shift from distress to a happy secure relationship.

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